This website is dedicated to the European and International Metalworkers Federations fight against precarious employment.

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Precarious Work 2011

On 7th October ITUC's fourth edition of World Day for Decent Work took place. In the run up to this global day on which the trade unions in the world stood up for decent work, the EMF callled on its affiliates to step up their activities in the framework of its Precarious Work campaign. Affiliates were invited to inform the EMF of any actions or campaigns which were taking place in connection with the topic.


Eurofound produce revealing report on the job structure during the crisis

Eurofound - the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions - produced a report "Shifts in the job structure in Europe during the Great Recession" which basically found that:

  • employment continued to grow in top-paying jobs, largely in knowledge-intensive services and business services.
  • sharp losses in medium-paying jobs in construction and manufacturing led to a shrinking of employment in the middle of the wage spectrum.
  • More jobs were lost to men than to women and employment levels of older workers grew while those of younger workers declined

The exectuive summary is available here in 26 languages

The full report is available here.


Croatian trade unionists pressure Croatian parliamentarians for better employment contracts

UATUC and NHS will gather in front of the Croatian Parliament, prior to the session of the Parliament, to distribute leaflets to MPs, explaining the objectives of the WDDW campaign, precarious work as well as pushing for better employment contracts.


Workers' Stories


The struggle for permanent work in Thailand

With a rich history of struggling to improve the lives of working people, the Thai labour movement is at the forefront of the global campaign to move temporary workers to permanent positions.

Full story


Workers without papers in Sweden

Award winning article series by Dagens Arbete.

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For more secure employment, against precarious work

The EMF Collective Bargaining Policy Conference 2009 launched the 2nd Common Demand:

“For more secure employment, against precarious work”,

which will be included in the collective bargaining demands of all its 75 affiliated trade unions and in future collective bargaining rounds throughout Europe over the next four years.


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